The Building Process

At this time, we will meet with you to discuss a house plan and ask you questions regarding the home you would like to build. Once all decisions have been made a price will be proposed.

Before your home building process begins, you will be invited to a preconstruction meeting for a final review of your blue prints and answer any questions you may have.

The foundation is the concrete structure that supports your entire house. Sub-contractors set forms, pours the foundation, and installs the rough plumbing.

The frame is the skeleton of your home. Most of our homes are built with concrete block. Upon request we use metal studs or wood framing.

Air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical wiring begin.

This includes drywall, stucco or synthetic finish, roofing, siding, the driveway, and all major interior and exterior surfaces. Countertops and cabinets are installed, and the house is painted. Selected floor covering is installed, and any additional plumbing and electrical projects come to completion.

The Installation of faucets, sinks, light switches, and doorknobs are completed.

At this point, minor adjustments are made such as paint touchups and the house is thoroughly cleaned.

At this final time, we will meet with you at your new home and have the final walk-through to answer any questions you may have.

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