Voice & Video come naturally, but that doesn't mean it's easy.

History and Experience

With thousands of happy clients, you can guarantee that I'll bring the experience needed to nail that perfect voiceover or video.


Adobe Audition - Adobe Premiere Pro - Panasonic GH5 - Motorized Sliders and Gymbals - Audio Technica 4033a - Vocal Isolation Booth

Personal Touch

Some people have all the gear but the end product still feels lifeless. I'll work to make sure your project has the personal touch it deserves.

"When picking teammates you look for people that "get it done" and "hustle" both of those things apply to Jimmy. When you combine those things with his natural talent, you have someone that you have to work with!"
James Hudson
Skybound/Druid City Games
Jimmy is ALWAYS professional and accommodating! Thank you so very much!!
MTI Technologies
VO Client
Absolutely went above and beyond on this one. I am always impressed with the work Jimmy does, and he really shows that he cares about doing a perfect job and making sure the customer is satisfied. I have been a repeat customer with Jimmy on several projects and he always delivers a quality voice over. Thanks Jimmy.
CNG Services
VO Client